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I'm already crazy about this paying thing on the net! Sometimes it makes you think you are begging for money but trust me, this takes a lot of hard work and effort and sometimes the paying sites just don't pay you enough. If anyone told you he/she is not telling the truth, and if they are, it took them a lot of effort and hundreds of active referrals to accomplish it! 

I will show you how I do it, and if I get paid, my payment proof will be here, I won't recommend any site unless I try them. I want sites that can turn me into a believer, so when that happens, I'll surely let you know if any of these don't work, come back in a month and I will delete them and set them on fire! He, he.

I belong to these paying sites, you are free to join with your PayPal account, and they take international users, try them and let me know if you liked them. Sometimes it makes you think it'll take forever to make money in some of them, I really advise you if you get a site you trust to keep some money on you account so you could buy some referrals and let them work for you, at least that's what experts think if you get lots of referrals on those, then the money begins flowing along! Anyways, just remember to keep and open mind before you discredit a site.

Give them a try, click on anyone and join, you'll never know! If you get pay in one of them, please leave me a comment here, it might help others find their way! When I get pay I'll be adding payment proofs too so you know they really pay.

Here you can get a paypal account, that is to get paid from this money making sites, if you don't know what is a paypal account get  HERE  to see some information. All of this sites pay only through Paypal verified account; you can verify it with anyone's credit card, they will give you a Pin for you to activate your account, if you don't have one or you're a minor, you can get a prepaid visa or mastercard, there is also a teen card or ask somebody else's like I did, and just use it to enter to your new account. They have free personal accounts that you can get and if you want a business accounts; you can also join the business referral program and win lots of money!!

Just decide: Business (if you want to receive payment from credit cards or built your own online business) or Personal (just to pay, get paid and buy on internet sites).

If you seeking to join the big money earning and duplicate the money you already have, don't miss the chance of learning how HERE!!

Be you own boss, make you own site:
If you want to win money with your blog, webpage or other, this is a once in a lifetime chance for you to do so. This site will provide you with legit sponsors and will pay you cash in your PayPal account for having others click, view or subscribe to their site (worldwide) Lot's of ads and campaigns to offer to your viewers. If all other affiliate site has turned you down, try this one and start making real money now!

If you want and easy 1, 2, 3 step site go HERE,once you get it, fill it with ads and offers, find the right sponsors that you can get on the link above I gave you, and start working on people to see your page by making adds, link exchange, classifieds, social networks, profiles, etc. It’s better when you own your time. Don't you think?

Fight with me against many internet frauds and scam sites.
Have you ever been SCAMMED by a website or online business?
To find out more about any other scamming ways and frauds go HERE

Get Pay to promote any site!

Get paid To Promote at any Location

This people pay you when you least expect it, I've got my first payment fast here it is, now I have been paid like 10 times,  and I didn't even have to request it, you get money every time people visit your site and if anyone click on your banner, and also for referrals twice a month. Get paid just for posting this link and showing your site!! Recommended, you won't get rich but is good healthy money. see my first payment proof.

Paid to Post Sites

Mylot pays through paypal, you can talk, post, write, meet people and get pay some money for it! the more you write the more money you get.
Here is my fisrt payment on mylot, got in around 3 weeks! 

 You won't get rich here, but to tell you a trick, get fast to the 500 post which is the number that appears next to your user name, and then you can copy ans paste information faster and make money very fast.Don't forget to post pictures too. They pay you every time one of your pictures get viewed.
Just work hard on this site, they were the fisrt to pay me my money on line ever hehehe. Now I've gotten paid over two times now. If you decide to join, please take into consideration that your earnings will not show the same day, but 24 hours or some time more. The most you answer the most you get, specially if you make your posts long! It is sort of like Yahoo answers only difference they paid you some money back! Besides in here you can get more information about the latest online money making sites,
useful isn't it?

Paid to Socialize Sites

Social Networks that Pay!

I LOVE THIS SITE, FAST MONEY MAKING. It pays to socialize, upload tmusic, videos, making friends, inviting other, referring, etc. This sites pays you 0.1 cents for every time you login the site, 0.2 for commenting other's profiles,, videos 0.3 uploading pictures or photos, they even pay you for everytime your profile get viewed!! For playing great games, upload music and videos, etc.  

I sat down less than an hour and got 1.11 guys! and that is with a slow connection. Plus they gave me 5 dollars just for joining! So you get money just for everything you do there, cool, the faster money making I've done, plus a 5.00 bux welcome gift, Good! What are you waiting for? They pays on Paypal after 25.00 easy to make bux.

Paid to Upload Sites

Upload pictures, videos,write anything! I don't write much these days, but you can get people to visit your articles, vote for them and see your content and you get paid for that.

Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!

Pay to Review and Write Sites


Have you tried Wikinut yet? Write about whatever you like and get paid royalties

Get royalties for live everytome someone comments your articles, or follows you, or you comment, and many other things you do in this site. easy to use. International memeber welcome, Paypal payments.

Paid to Review

A review site Like Ciao but I guess is now working for few countries only like USA and canada, pitty, yuo can make oney fast here but they are pretty strict!!

Make $ just for using IM Report Card!

Once you create your free account, you'll begin earning "IMRC Credits" for almost everything you do. We reward you just for participating in our community! Be ware, you must write out of your own experience and have at lest 25% of your amount earned out of commenting to get paid.
And if you're like most people you've probably already bought or have experience with dozens of the products, services and people already reviewed on the site.
If you grade and comment on them you could easily earn some cash right now.

Here are all the ways you can currently earn IMRC Credits ...

Rate a review or other users' comments
5 Credits
Grade a Product, Service or Person
10 Credits
Add a comment about a product, service or person
50 Credits + *Bonus*
Suggest a new product, service or person for review
75 Credits
Report spam or other inappropriate content
100 Credits
Refer another user to IM Report Card
Whatever THEY earn!

To give you an example of how the bonus system works, each time you add a comment other users will rate your comment as either being helpful or not. Each "helpful" rating your comment receives will earn you an additional credit.
Referring other users to IMRC can really earn you a lot of credits, because for every person you refer you'll earn matching credits for credits THEY personally earn.
So what can I do with all the credits I earn?
IMRC Credits currently have a cash value of US $0.01 each. That means you'll earn $1 for every 100 credits. You can redeem your IMRC Credits for cash via PayPal at any time.

This site pays you to advertise, to review products, to blog and if you don't write, you can still join they referral program and make the most out of it! Is and international friendly website, pretty nice and easy to read design format, Hacker safe, etc. You need to have a blog older than 3 month and at least 9 original posts to qualify. I don't know anyone with a vlog there, so if you know the site and hace one, please leave me a comment about it.


ReviewstreamLike to write products reviews? This are you writing sites! The first one is Review Stream and it gives you money even if they don't like what you write. If your review is approved, you'll get $2.50, you have to earn $50 or the equivalent of 25 reviews to payout through paypal, if your review fail to to meet their standard but agreed to get paid via bulk rate you'll still get a share of the bulk rate.Before starting to review I advice you first go to their tutorials about "how to write a good review" found at their homepage, it will give you some tips and tricks about writing a good reviews. The most important thing about writing a good review is not to be descriptive about the subject, descriptions can be found everywhere,your opinion about the subject is what matters most. Before you sumit an article, please go to their page and take a look at the ones they have since many people get rejected. They welcome most reviews about scams sites, bad or good online services and products. So now you know.

Join Associated Content Associated Content (A.C.)

This other is the best site, the can pay you right away depending on the selection you make when you enter your content to be published (between 4 to 20 bux)...I've gotten paid many times from them although is not really much, well enter and read all details, you get pay for reviews too. You can ad your blog. Make others vote for you, you can get pay just get over 1,000 views (I've made them in one moth only!) to make more you can also get the chances to claim writer contests so you can write an specific content and get more views from their associates. You choose. However keep in mind that is a major site, so many people read on that webpage, so besides your friends, others may like what you write, so do it right, Promote your articles, and they also provide you with ways to make the most to get your article voted. They now are only paying good money to USA users, but others are welcome yo write and get performance payment. You won't get rich here but is a good site to practice and make a good profile to add your sites. Make sure you comment on other's work to get more views. They have paid me like 5 times, every 3 months, maybe more. Now they don't take my country for payment, but I can still write though. Pitty.

Vote for my articles!! (This are the ones I wrote, please vote)

Pay to Click (PTC)

Pay to Click (PTC) Sites?

The faster way to make money clicking ads on the net!! Get paid to See webpages and clicking links. Pays weekly. Fast wat to get paid for clicking I've ever seen on the net. You can also advertise your own sites there to get true genuine interested visitors to your websites for only 5 dollars. A true legit site among others!!! Finally see some money growing there instead of getting 0.000001's he, he, he, sounds familiar? NO MORE in this site.

Here is my payment my trekpay proof : 


Get one dollar to your paypal account, get a good percentage of your referrals clicks, be able to buy clicks, refferals, and increase your earnings by updating your account, this ins not a scam site it works as good as Trekpay. Also international site, and has a chat in many languages for you to get help. Want any easier way?


Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC

This site pays you per clicking adds, you can built referral too. I don't like much clicking sites, but this site, pays you for watching ads, all you have to do is click on a number on the add after 10 seconds passed and is better than doing nothing in the mean time. Referral programs too.


A good legit PTC site, one of the few left that won't pay you 0000000001 cents...sounds familiar? they pay you 0.01 and 0.005 per ad, they offer referral program and the buying and renting referrals option too.

Gpt treasure
This site pays you fast, and when I say fast is 24 to 48 hours! I've gotten paid from them 6 times already! But what works best is the referral program since they pay you 10 cents right away to your paypal account. Make a task and then request your money for it or referrer friends and make 0.10 cent for each and get them right away, to me is a fast way to make 10 cents, they have paid me over 10 times now, I've just posted one payment proof for lack of space, but I have many... holds international users and you can go premium if you want to, to apply to other counties offers.

Surveys Sites for Free

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Like Surveys? Here are the best sites:

Faster way to make money survey site!

Get an account, fill easy surveys and get points, redeem them for any price, gift cetificate or paypal payment when you want it, a lot of prices to choose. Ask me for the invitation I'll send it to you. At least 500 point per survey, and redeem after 2500 points any gift or Paypal payment. You won't get everyday surveys but at least if you are smart you can fill most everyone they send you, I've made my firt payment with only 5 short surveys. They give you points, that  you can change for oney or gift, Here is my first payment proof, took me some since I don't get many surveys, but it was really easy to make. Oh almost forgot, I'm not a USA member so I was able to do it, so can you. Good luck.

Usa, Canada Only: More paid email, surveys, games, etc...get 5 dollars just for joining now, plus referral program:

Good one if you qualify for surveys from greenfield online, playgames, shop, and subscribe to products and offers. Pays through check I think is us only, but if youy have any friend there, make an account under his name and ask him to cash it for you and send you the money...all has a solution.

Another good survey site for USA
Let's try this one and see how it goes.

Worldwide surveys sites:

I've just joined this one, I'll tell you later once I try it, it seems pretty serious company though... Remember when you join a survey site, they must be certified by the BBB, and has to be hacker safe too!! Always check for the logos on the initial page. Be ware of Scams. I'll be adding other surveys sites but I'm trying them. This one to be good, since the ask you to fill some short surveys info about yourself so they could have and idea of what kind of surveys suit you better. Is international friendly too.
Please fill out your info faithfully, it might help you get better surveys for you.

Now enter straight through this image
. Good luck.

Another nice surveys site... go to their page to see more detail. Join the best survey sites, and be ware of web's scams!!

Here is another survey site, international friendly and even have the site and banners for referral program in your mother language!! The pay through checks. see the site for details.

Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.
Pulse is international friendly, pays through paypal, referral program

Ireland site, but they go international on their main site. They pay you 1 euro for every survey taken to your Paypal account, payout is only 5 euros. Plus they send you ramdon invitations to high paid surveys like 5, 20 or more euros. They own a referral program 0.50 for every friend that joins.